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3mm led direct plug lamp bead size



3mm led direct plug lamp bead size

The sizes of direct plug-in LEDs are divided into two pins: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm and 10mm. Small-sized lamp beads can be easily separated according to the size of the lamp beads. We have 3mm LED direct plug-in columns. 3mm plug-in lamp beads refer to the diameter of 3mm, its model is 3mm light-emitting diode, and its height is 5mm. It is divided into edged and edgeless.
The colors of the colloid include transparent, foggy, red, yellow, green, and blue lights. The specific wavelength can be customized according to your needs. Its wavelength is 600-635.
Luminous colors include: red, green, blue, yellow, two-color, three-color. Various light color effects can be customized
How many watts does a 3mm led plug-in lamp bead have?
Specifications: The general current is 20ma 0.06W and the working voltage is between 1.8-3.5v. Luminous flux: 100-120 lumens, color temperature: white light 6000-7000K.
The shapes of 3mmled direct plug-in lamp beads include: straw hat, round head, steel helmet head, high colloid, etc.
The main applications of 3mm plug-in lamp beads are: 3C electronics, industrial control panels, lighting, automotive electronics, and medical care.
   According to your specific needs and lamp bead application scenarios. Further matching and options for your lamp beads, providing one-time solutions, providing customers with better selection and sales, and better reducing selection costs.
In general: Hailongxing Optoelectronics believes that as long as the customer's needs are clear and the application is relatively clear, the lamp beads specifically require better materials and better packaging types. In fact, it depends on the customer's product application needs. . Be people-oriented, not product-oriented, provide better solutions and more detailed services,
Each LED lamp bead manufacturer needs to manage its own customer base and whether it can provide better products and services in the long term. Putting quality first, making mid-to-high-end lamp beads, and enhancing the brand's core competitiveness are the future of Hilongxing Optoelectronics' development. Hailongxing has been focusing on the research and development, production and sales of light-emitting diodes for 17 years. We provide you with free testing and selection services to reduce costs and increase efficiency for win-win cooperation. Develop together

3mm led


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