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The difference between LED self-flashing lamp beads and IC controlled LED lamp beads



LED self-flashing lamp beads and IC-controlled LED lamp beads play different roles in the field of LED lighting. They have significant differences in principles, functions and applications. This article will compare the two from many aspects. 1. Principle and working method LED self-flashing lamp beads: These LED lamp beads have a simple circuit integrated inside them to periodically cut off and turn on the current. This causes the LED to flash at certain intervals, creating simulated flames, candles, etc. IC controlled LED lamp beads: These LED lamp beads achieve more precise lighting control by connecting to an integrated circuit (IC). The IC can adjust parameters such as LED brightness, color, and flashing patterns to achieve complex lighting effects. 2. Functions and effects LED self-flash beads: mainly used to generate basic periodic flashing effects. Due to its restrictive nature, it is mainly suitable for creating a specific atmosphere or decorative effect. IC controlled LED lamp beads: have richer functions and can achieve various colors, gradients, flashing frequencies, music response and other effects. Therefore, they can adapt to a wider range of lighting needs, including creative lighting, stage performances and more. 3. Application areas
  LED self-flashing lamp beads: often used in decorative lighting, holiday lighting, interior decoration, etc., can add some interest to the scene. IC controlled LED lamp beads: widely used in stage lighting, commercial displays, building exterior decoration, etc., can create a variety of visual effects according to the needs of different scenes. 4. Flexibility and programmability LED self-flashing lamp beads: Their flashing patterns are usually preset, making it difficult to adjust or program changes in real time. IC controlled LED lamp beads: Due to the integrated programmable IC, the brightness, color, mode, etc. can be dynamically adjusted as needed, thereby achieving a more flexible and personalized effect. LED self-flashing lamp beads are mainly suitable for simple atmosphere creation, while IC-controlled LED lamp beads can provide more diverse, precise and creative lighting effects. Which type of LED lamp beads to choose should depend on the required lighting effect, application scenario and budget.

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