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Looking for the strongest home appliance indicator beads in Guangzhou



Looking for the strongest home appliance indicator beads in Guangzhou? Hailongxing Optoelectronics will provide you with assistance. Our LED beads have unique characteristics of energy conservation and long lifespan.
2. LED beads are a green light source that does not contain ultraviolet and infrared light in its spectrum, and they have low heat and do not flicker. In addition, discarded LED beads can be recycled and do not contain harmful elements such as mercury, so using LED beads is very safe.
3. LED beads are driven by DC, with ultra-low power consumption, which can effectively convert electrical and optical power. Under the same lighting effect, they are more energy-efficient than traditional light sources.
4. Due to the use of solid cold light sources and encapsulation with epoxy resin for LED beads, there are no loose parts on the lamp body, and there will be no defects such as easy burning of the filament, heat accumulation, and fast light decay.
Basic parameters and power of indicator light beads

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