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List of specifications and models of SMD LED



SMDLED, also known as SMDLED, is a basic lamp bead. It utilizes compound semiconductors to convert current into light energy and emit light by combining electrons and holes. Compared to traditional pin type LEDs, SMDLED is more compact, lightweight, thin, and aesthetically pleasing, while also more sturdy and durable, and can be applied in more limited spaces and practical fields.
The application of SMD LED is very extensive. They can be used in fields such as electronic products, automotive lighting, aerospace, lighting, lighting industry, landscape decoration, etc. In the field of smart home, SMD LED also plays an important role. For example, through a smart home control system, SMD LED can be easily integrated into the home lighting system, achieving automated control and creating a more comfortable, convenient, and safe living environment.
Type 0603: Size 1.6 * 0.8mm, with high brightness and long lifespan, suitable for various products that require miniaturization design.
The 0603 model is an electronic component with a size of 1.6 * 0.8mm, which has advantages such as high brightness and long lifespan, making it very suitable for use in various products that require miniaturization design.
With the continuous progress of technology and people's pursuit of products, miniaturization design has become a trend. The emergence of the 0603 model precisely meets this demand. It is compact in size and can be easily embedded into various small devices, without occupying too much space and without affecting the overall aesthetics of the device.
In addition to its size advantage, the 0603 model also has high brightness. This means that when using this component, the display effect of the product will be clearer and brighter, providing users with a better visual experience. Especially in some small products, such as handheld devices or smartwatches, this high brightness display effect is particularly important.
And long lifespan is also an important advantage of the 0603 model. In the past, many small products were frequently replaced due to the short lifespan of their components, which caused great inconvenience to users. And now with the 0603 model, this problem has been effectively solved. Its long lifespan means that the product can operate more stably, and users no longer need to frequently replace components, saving time and costs.
In short, the 0603 model is an electronic component with high brightness and long lifespan, which is very suitable for various products that require miniaturization design. Its emergence has brought more possibilities for product design, allowing users to enjoy a better user experience. Whether it's handheld devices, smartwatches, or other small products, using the 0603 component can improve their performance and quality. I believe that in the future, with the continuous promotion of miniaturization design, the 0603 model will play a greater role in various fields.
0805 model: with a size of 2.0 * 1.25mm, it has excellent uniformity, color harmony, and color temperature regulation, suitable for LED lighting and backlighting fields.
0805 Chip LED Power Parameter List

1206 type: with a size of 3.2 * 1.6mm, it is one of the commonly used SMD LED packaging in the market, suitable for various lighting, display, and backlighting fields.

2835 model: with a size of 2.8 * 3.5mm, it has excellent light efficiency, high brightness, and uniformity, making it one of the popular models in light source components. Widely used in indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, billboards, photography fill lights

List of Power Parameters for 2835 Chip LED


5050 model: with a size of 5.0 * 5.0mm and features high brightness, wide angle, and multiple color choices, it is one of the common models in various lighting and decorative scenes, fill lights, color atmosphere lights, LED display screens, 3C household appliances, and electronic toys




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