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List of Inline LED



   Direct insertion LED beads are a very common type of light emitting diode, with good focusing effect and small luminous angle. They are widely used in advertising screens, indoor lighting, flashlights, equipment indicator light sources, signal lights, and household appliance indicator beads. There are multiple specifications and packaging shapes to choose from. According to their models, straight in LED beads can be divided into different specifications such as 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm, and 10mm. These specifications of inline LED lamp beads can be selected according to the appropriate size as needed.
3mm dual color plug-in lamp beads

5mm Round Head List

10mm round head plug-in lamp beads
According to the different packaging shapes, inline LED light beads can be divided into various shapes such as round head, bullet head, straw hat, square, elliptical, concave, and flat headlights. Each shape has its unique characteristics and applicable scenarios, and users can choose the appropriate packaging shape according to their actual needs.
In addition, plug-in LED beads can also be classified based on the color of the gel, with common colors such as red, yellow, green, blue and orange, transparent, and foggy. These different colors of inline LED light beads can be used in different application scenarios, such as red suitable for indicator lights, blue suitable for backlighting, and so on.

In addition, according to the different emitting colors, inline LED beads can also be divided into various types such as monochrome, bicolor, and tricolor. Single color LED beads can only emit one color of light, while dual color and three color LED beads can emit two or three different colors of light, which is very common in some color lighting and display applications.
In summary, the inline LED lamp beads have good light gathering performance and small light emitting angles. By selecting different specifications, packaging shapes, gel colors, and light emitting colors, users can meet various requirements for indicator lamp beads. Whether used as indicator lights, backlights, or color lighting, inline LED beads can provide high-quality, high brightness, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly lighting effects.

List of Inline LED


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