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2835 Low Current LED Beads for Visual Light Sources



   The 2835 low current LED beads dedicated to visual light sources are a specially designed LED bead designed to provide high-quality visual light sources. Here are some basic information about this LED bead:
Model: 2835 LED beads are a common type of LED packaging, with dimensions of 2.8mm x 3.5mm. This package has high brightness and good thermal dissipation performance, suitable for various application scenarios.

Low current design: Compared to traditional LED beads, the 2835 low current LED beads specifically designed for visual light sources adopt a low current design. This means that under normal operating conditions, the current required for LED beads is lower. Low current design helps to reduce energy consumption and extend the lifespan of LEDs.
Visual light source characteristics: LED beads specialized for visual light sources typically have optimized optical characteristics, such as high color accuracy, high brightness, and uniform light output. These characteristics make LED beads widely used in fields such as lighting, display, and photography, especially for applications that require accurate and high-quality light sources.
Application field: Low current visual light source specialized 2835 LED beads are commonly used in the following fields:
Lighting applications: For example, for exhibitions, museums, artwork lighting, and other occasions that require high-quality light sources.
Display applications: such as LCD backlight, billboards, indoor display screens, etc.
Photography and video lighting: Provide accurate color temperature and high brightness for use in studio, stage lighting, etc.
Widely used in various visual light sources such as strip LED visual light sources, panel LED light sources, coaxial machine vision LED light sources, circular visual light sources, and adjustable four sided light sources.
It should be noted that specific product specifications and performance may vary depending on different manufacturers and suppliers. Therefore, when selecting LED beads, it is recommended to consult the relevant product descriptions and technical specifications for more accurate information

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