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The lamp beads used in general plant lighting are



The lamp beads used in general plant lighting are:
0.2W-0.5W: 2835 lamp beads, 5730 lamp beads, 5050 monochromatic lamp beads, 5050RGB full-color lamp beads;
1W-3W: PCT/EMC2835 lamp beads, 3030 lamp beads (can replace high power imitation lumen structure)
Unique 5W plant lighting lamp beads: S8 mixed light beads, 5252 lamp beads, 5059 lamp beads
Unique 12W plant lighting beads: 7070 mixed light beads.
Plant growth lights mainly use 640NM red light beads, 740NM high red light beads, 450-470nm blue light beads, and 365-410nm purple light beads.

Full Spectrum Grow Lights:
Contains a wavelength of 400-420nm, which helps to form anthocyanins and resist the elongation of branches and leaves.
Purple light is the central area of plant phototaxis, which can affect the morphogenesis of plants
Purple light inhibits plant trunk and page growth

With a wavelength of 450-460nm, it can thicken stems and leaves, accelerate plant development, and regulate the opening of stomata.
Blue light has a great effect on the early stage of plant growth, helping plants to establish a well-developed root system
The growth of the trunk and the page has been increasing the thickness of the trunk
Chlorophyll a/b has a strong absorption rate in the blue light area, which mainly helps plants synthesize proteins. In low-light environments, blue light does not have as much photosynthesis as red light for plants. Properly increasing blue light can make it more uniform and healthier, prompting plant quality

The wavelength is 550nm, which promotes the growth of oxygen and helps tissues to better store nutrients


The wavelength is 580nm, which can promote the growth of roots and early germination.

The wavelength is 650-660nm, which promotes the overall growth of plants, especially in the flowering and fruiting stages, increases the growth rate (flowering 20 days earlier, harvesting 30 days earlier), also increases the number of fruits by 25% to 35%, and reduces the incidence of deformed fruit.

720 ~ 1000nm has a low absorption rate, which stimulates cell elongation and affects flowering and seed germination.

In addition, the visible light of this product is a kind of electromagnetic wave, and also contains a small amount of ultraviolet rays, which can effectively prevent pests and diseases.

2835,5050,5050rgb ,植物灯珠


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