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Demystifying the inside story of LED lamp beads,



Last week, someone asked about the price of led lamp beads.

DIP, SMD, high power, different specifications and models have different prices, I still recommend consulting established manufacturers.

The price of LED lamp beads is related to the lamp bead packaging material, process and technology selected by the lamp bead manufacturer.

What is the difference between the packaging materials of led lamp beads? It uses different chip grades, different glues, different brackets, and different auxiliary materials for packaging.

Is the LED lamp bead packaging material important? important.

Because the material of the led lamp bead determines the quality of the led lamp bead.

Although I don't think that good LED lamp bead materials can package high-quality lamp beads, but high-quality lamp beads are generally composed of good packaging materials.

Is the packaging process of led lamp beads important? important.

Anti-UV glue reinforced package increases stability, second solder joint reinforcement increases stability.

The strengthening of these lamp bead technologies is good for improving the quality of lamp beads.

A good lamp bead must either have a good packaging material or a good packaging process.

The price of each LED lamp bead is different for different manufacturers, different material packages, different prices, and different prices for different demands.

Where can I buy the price of led lamp beads?

Generally, it is an e-commerce platform, such as Alibaba Mall, Taobao, Pinduoduo, etc. But what are the characteristics of the lamp bead prices of these platforms? Generally, they are standard products, that is to say, the price of customized products with personalized lamp beads must be different from the price of conventional lamp beads. To be honest, the price of led lamp beads is related to your demand for lamp beads and the quantity you buy. I like to recommend personalized customization more and more to meet the project needs of different lamp beads.

Personalized lamp bead customization can meet your lamp bead application needs in different fields, but the price of customized lamp beads will not be cheap.

I am in the LED lamp bead price selection exchange group, and I have a good chat with you.

Led lamp bead selection exchange group = lamp bead professor + assistant engineer to assist in the selection.

After the lecture, everyone will find lamp bead suppliers with different prices according to their different needs.

If you have any questions about the application of SMD, in-line monochrome, two primary colors, three primary colors, indoor, special lighting beads, please contact me privately.

The goal of Hilongxing Optoelectronics in 2023 is to challenge high quality and low price.

What is the price of our LED lamp beads? It all depends on your lamp bead application requirements.

The demand for lamp beads includes indicator lights, general lighting, home lighting, outdoor lighting, special lighting, etc. Every time a customer asks about the lamp bead plan and lamp bead price, I will silently recite it 100 times.



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