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How to choose 5mm concave lamp beads?



How to choose 5mm concave lamp beads? Generally, it is packaged with environmentally friendly silica gel, Sanan chips, and pure gold wires. The size is 5*6.8mm, the shape is concave, borderless single flash, warm white. The luminous colors are red, blue, white, green, yellow and other colorful. The welding condition is 260 degrees, the color of the colloid is white and transparent, and the light angle is 140 degrees. The bracket iron is plated with silver. Widely used in: 3C home appliances, automotive electronics, electronic toys, electronic clocks, digital communications, industrial equipment

In addition to the 5mm concave lamp beads, there are also 3mm concave lamp beads, borderless and bordered ones, long legs and short legs. These can be customized according to your actual application and needs.

There are several shapes of LED indicator beads that are common in our life; there are straw hats, round heads, flat heads, squares, bumps, etc. There are also some special-shaped lamp beads, but they need to be customized. It can also be subdivided into monochrome and bicolor. Three-color, common-yin and common-yang lamp beads. It can also be divided into highlight and highlight. Conventional lamp beads. With the application of LED lamp beads more and more widely.
The key to determine the quality of the lamp bead is the chip and the wire. Generally, good manufacturers will use brand chips such as Sanan or Epistar. The wire material is pure 99.9% pure gold wire. The packaging material is epoxy resin, because epoxy resin is not easy to deform and crack, and the glue is dispensed by measuring range. Imported equipment is used for welding and solid crystal.

Buy lamp beads and choose Hailongxing Optoelectronics. Product materials: silver-plated iron, gold wire, environmentally friendly high-temperature resistant glue. Product certification: ISO9001:2015, SGS, with production experience.

The above is about the selection of 5mm concave lamp beads. If you need other knowledge about LED direct plug-in type, you can consult us.

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