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How to prevent static electricity with in-line LED lamp beads



If the plug-in lamp beads do not take anti-static measures, it will lead to a series of phenomena such as dead lights, broken lights, abnormal light emission, and insufficient brightness. In severe cases, the lamp beads will be scrapped. Therefore, it is very important to take anti-static measures for plug-in lamp beads. Hailongxing will tell you several ways to prevent it today.


In-line LED lamp beads to prevent static electricity

All operators must wear anti-static gloves and anti-static wrist straps. Anti-static wrist straps must be tested every day, and must be replaced if they fail. It is strictly forbidden to touch the two pins of the LED with bare hands. Because the static electricity of the human body will damage the crystalline layer of the in-line LED when the working humidity of the workbench is 60%-90%. It will lead to abnormal lighting, or the low power test does not light up, etc.

The contact iron and dip soldering equipment, operating table, and storage shelf must be grounded, and ion fans should be used to eliminate static electricity.

Must be packed in an anti-electric bag

In-line LED storage:

1. LEDs must be stored in an environment where the temperature is lower than 30 and the relative humidity is lower than 60%, otherwise it is very likely to cause moisture absorption and increase the chance of dead lights

2. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the storage environment, because the surface of the LED lamp bead pins is plated with a layer of silver or tin, and the bracket will change color when exposed to chemicals or chemical gases.

3. If the anti-static is turned on, it needs to be sealed again for storage.

The above said that Hailongxing Optoelectronics will answer the questions about preventing static electricity and storing lamp beads. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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