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3mm blue-haired blue in-line LED, 3mm blue-haired blue plug-in lamp beads



3mm blue-haired blue lamp bead "LED lamp bead is a semiconductor device, also known as f3LED lamp bead. It is a blue LED (light-emitting diode) lamp bead with a diameter of 3 mm. Blue colloid, the color temperature of the product band is: 455-475NM , can emit blue light. Using silver-plated iron, gold wire, environmentally friendly high-temperature resistant glue, it is often used in indicator lights, display screens, lighting and other applications. Hailongxing Optoelectronics is a manufacturer of led light-emitting diodes.
3mm blue hair blue classification: round head, flat head, bump, straw hat, etc.

The shape is a round head, 3MM round head with brim lamp beads, and no brim lamp beads. Long and short feet. The lamp pins are mainly selected according to the scene. His colloid colors are: red, yellow, blue, mist, transparent, green, etc. Luminous brightness: 400-600MCD, working life of 5000 hours with long service life. Computer (Computer), Communication (Communication) and Consumer Electronics (Consumer) products

3mm blue-haired blue


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