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5mm in-line lamp beads in the application of household appliances




5mm Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have many applications in home appliances. The power indicator light emits red, yellow, green and other colors of light when the power is on, which is convenient for users to judge the working status of the electrical appliance according to the light status

Indicator light: 5mm LED is usually used as an indicator light of electrical appliances to display the switching status or working status of electrical appliances. They can be used in a variety of household appliances such as televisions, stereo systems, microwave ovens, washing machines, and more.

​Backlight: Many household appliances, such as LCD TVs, monitors, microwave ovens, ovens, etc., use LEDs as backlights. 5mm LEDs can be used to provide uniform backlighting, making the content on the display more clearly visible.

Lighting: Although 5mm LEDs are relatively low in brightness, they can still be used to provide ambient lighting. In household appliances, they can be used for light switches, cabinet lighting, refrigerator lighting, etc.

Colored lights: Some household appliances, such as audio systems, televisions, computers, etc., may have colored lights to enhance the user experience. 5mm LEDs can be used to create various lighting effects, such as color change, flashing, etc.

Button Backlighting: Buttons on home appliances often need to be used in the dark or at night. 5mm LED can be used as the backlight of the button, so that the user can easily find the button position and operate the appliance

They are also often used as digital displays, such as electronic watches, calculators, etc. In this application, numbers or letters can be formed by the arrangement of LEDs of different colors. This display method has the advantages of high brightness, long life, low power consumption, etc., which makes light-emitting diodes widely used in the field of digital display.

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