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5mm red-haired red lamp bead "LED lamp bead



5mm red-haired red lamp bead "LED lamp bead is a semiconductor device, also called f5LED lamp bead. It is a red LED (light-emitting diode) lamp bead with a diameter of 5 mm. Red colloid, the color temperature of the product band is 620-630NM, which can It emits red light. Using silver-plated iron, gold wire, and environmentally friendly high-temperature resistant glue, it is often used in indicator lights, display screens, lighting and other applications. Hilongxing Optoelectronics is a manufacturer of led light-emitting diodes.
"5mm red hair red classification: round head, flat head, bump, straw hat, etc.
F5 round head plug-in LED lamp beads

The shape is round head, 5MM round head with brim lamp bead, and no brim lamp bead. Long and short feet. The lamp pins are mainly selected according to the scene. His colloid colors are: red, yellow, blue, misty, transparent, green, etc. Luminous brightness: 500-800MCD, working life of 5000 hours with long service life. Computer (Computer), Communication (Communication) and Consumer Electronics (Consumer) products
Right size:

The advantages of F5 round head red hair red lamp beads:

Moderate Size: The diameter of the F5 round head red hair red lamp beads is 5 mm, which is a moderate size, easy to install and integrate into various circuits and applications.

High brightness: This kind of red LED lamp beads is usually very bright and can emit bright and bright red light. This makes it useful in applications such as indicator lights, displays and lighting.

Low power consumption: Compared with traditional light sources, LED lamp beads consume less power. F5 round-headed red hair red lamp beads can also provide bright red light effects, but are more efficient in terms of power consumption.

Long lifespan: LED lamp beads have a long lifespan and can usually be used for thousands to tens of thousands of hours. This makes the F5 round head red hair red lamp beads very durable and can maintain stable performance in long-term use.

Vibration resistance and impact resistance: Since LED lamp beads are solid-state devices without brittle glass or filaments, they have good vibration and impact resistance. This makes the F5 round head red LED more reliable in some applications that require shock resistance

F5 straw hat plug-in LED lamp beads

   The shape looks a bit like a straw hat, and it is also a special round head lamp bead. Luminous color: red light, green light, yellow light, blue light, colloid color: red, green, yellow and blue. The product is made of high temperature resistant glue and gold wire. The product is used in outdoor lighting, lighting, and luminous characters.

Advantages of F5 straw hat lamp beads

Performance advantages: F5 straw hat lamp beads adopt high-quality LED chips and packaging technology, which have excellent brightness, light color and consistency, and have excellent heat dissipation performance and low light attenuation.
Wide range of applications: F5 straw hat lamp beads are suitable for various indoor and outdoor lighting, display, advertising, indication and other application scenarios, and can provide good lighting and visual effects.
High Reliability: The F5 straw hat lamp beads are made of high-quality materials and manufacturing processes, with long life and good stability, which can ensure the reliability and durability of long-term use.
Strong price competitiveness: The price of F5 straw hat lamp beads is competitive, which can meet the needs of different customers and provide high-quality LED light source solutions.

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