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Technical parameters of f3 red hair red lamp bead 3mm round head lamp bead



First of all, let's talk about what is f3mm round head LED light emitting diode. F3 round head lamp bead is another common light emitting diode. Compared with F5 round head lamp bead, its diameter is slightly smaller at 3mm. Suitable for applications with limited space or strict size requirements. Good luminous effect: 3mm round head LED can provide bright and uniform luminous effect, and is often used in indication and display applications. Low power consumption: One of the characteristics of LED technology is low power consumption, and F3 round head lamp beads also have low energy consumption.

3mm LED technical parameters and specifications

Size: F3 (diameter is 3mm)
Luminous color: F3 round head lamp beads can provide a variety of luminous color options, including red (red LED), green (green LED), blue (blue LED), yellow (yellow LED), white (white LED) wait.
Brightness: Brightness is usually expressed in terms of brightness level or luminous flux in lumens (lm).
Working voltage: The typical working voltage of F3 round head lamp beads is usually between 2V and 3.6V, depending on the type and specification of the LED lamp bead.
Operating Current: The typical operating current range is usually between 5mA and 20mA.
Angle of view: Angle of view refers to the range of light emitted from the lamp bead, usually expressed in degrees. Common viewing angles include 120 degrees, 140 degrees, etc.
Luminous Efficiency: Luminous efficacy indicates the light output produced per unit of power, usually expressed in lumens per watt (lm/W).
Lifespan: The lifespan of F3 round head lamp beads is usually measured in hours, and the specific lifespan depends on factors such as use conditions and quality

Application fields:

Electronic equipment: F3 round head lamp beads are widely used in indicator lights, switch button indicators, electronic clocks, remote controls, etc. in electronic equipment.
Car lighting: F3 round head lamp beads are often used in car interior lighting, such as dashboard lights, button lights, etc.
Home appliances and electronic products: F3 round head lamp beads are commonly used in display screens and indicators in household appliances and electronic products, such as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, stereos, etc.
Lighting field: Although the brightness of F3 round lamp beads is relatively low, there is still room for application in some low-power lighting applications, such as small night lights and decorative lamps.

3mm,red hair red light


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