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F5 round head transparent colloid, red green blue + colorful slow flashing.



A few days ago, a manufacturer of medical products approached us, looking for a colorful slow flashing led lamp bead
According to our understanding, the customer is making fish tank lights, and mainly uses 4 colors of LEDs: F5 round head transparent colloid, red green blue + colorful slow flashing.
The current demand is: according to the colorful lamp beads on the fish tank
Function: Install colorful lamp beads on the fish tank
Goal: Need to upgrade
Progress: Currently looking for LED lamp bead manufacturers, quotation selection is in progress
Requirements: Looking for a LED lamp bead manufacturer
We understand the needs of customers and the application scenarios of lamp beads
We have made further lamp bead matching and selection for customers
User testing and development cost time, energy and manpower and material resources
Therefore, can we provide customers with a better selection plan to improve the selection effect of customers and reduce maintenance costs in the later period?
Therefore, Hailongxing Optoelectronics recommends F5 round head transparent colloid, RGB slow flash and F5 round head transparent colloid, red green blue monochrome slow flash in combination with the customer's application
We confirmed this selection with the customer
Customers say you can try
We also mail samples to customers
How to accurately understand the needs of customers and find out the pain points of customers' current applications has become a problem that our LED lamp bead manufacturers need to pay attention to.
The solution is to provide solutions from simply providing products before to providing solutions now
what is the solution
Like this time, the customer’s F5 round head transparent colloid, red green blue monochrome slow flash selection, we will do a good job of iterative product update from the customer’s application to packaging and demand effects
In fact, many customers have encountered problems such as insufficient brightness and not deep colors
Customers can mail the original samples, and we will combine samples and specific plans to cooperate with customers in sample testing.
In general, the editor of Hilong Optoelectronics believes that as long as the customer's needs are clear and the application is clear, whether the lamp beads require better materials or better packaging types to make a big program depends on the customer's product application requirements. . According to the actual needs of customers, we are people-oriented, not product-oriented, and provide customers with better solutions and more detailed services. LED lamp bead manufacturers insist on quality priority through personalized customization and on-demand customization. , Do a good job in mid-to-high-end products to enhance their core brand competitiveness, and the second is the future of Hilongxing Optoelectronics brand development.
Finally: Buy lamp beads and find Hailongxing Optoelectronics to reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers
Hilong Optoelectronics: Focusing on LED R&D, production and sales for 17 years
We provide you with quick lamp bead selection service, free sample testing, and effectively solve your problem of difficult selection

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