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The difference between high power LED and cob light source



Both high-power LED and COB light sources have their own advantages and disadvantages in lighting applications. High-power LEDs offer high brightness and flexibility on a single chip for applications requiring a bright and directional beam. The COB light source provides higher overall brightness and uniform light distribution through the combination of multiple chips, which is suitable for large-area lighting needs. Which light source to choose depends on the specific application needs, including brightness requirements, space constraints, thermal management and other factors

Power LEDs (High-Power LEDs) refer to LEDs with higher luminous efficiency and higher power output. They usually use larger chip size and high current drive to provide higher brightness. High-power LEDs usually have high luminous efficiency and can produce bright and concentrated light beams; the light emitted in this way is glare, and the longer you wait under this light, the easier it is for human eyes to fatigue, and even affect people's vision; And the working current reaches ampere level (or hundreds of milliampere level or more), the temperature of the product will be very high, and an additional device with good heat dissipation is required to work normally. They are widely used in outdoor lighting, stage lighting, automotive lighting and indoor lighting, etc.

High power LED

COB light source (Chip-on-Board) is an integrated circuit packaging technology that directly packages multiple LED chips on the same substrate. The COB light source forms an integrated light source by densely arranging multiple LED chips together. This design can provide higher brightness and better thermal management, because multiple chips can share a thermal substrate. COB light sources generally have higher light output and can provide uniform light distribution. Compared with high-power LEDs, COB light sources can improve the glare effect of LED lights. COB has high luminous flux density, less glare and soft light, and emits a uniformly distributed light surface, which reduces the impact on human vision. Currently used in bulbs, spotlights, downlights, fluorescent lamps, street lamps, industrial and mining lamps and other lamps

cob light source

LEDs with higher,Power LED


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