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What is the high temperature resistance of LED lamp beads?



Yesterday, a customer asked me if the 3mm lamp bead is high temperature? The editor of Hailongxing will answer for you how much the high temperature resistance of the electrodeless lamp beads is. The following is how Hailongxing compiled and summarized the following information about the high temperature resistance of LEDs. I hope it will be useful to you.

3MM round head with hat brim lamp bead yellow colloid color: yellow diffusion product size: Φ3*H5.3MM product material: silver-plated iron, gold wire, environmental protection high temperature resistant glue product certification: ISO9001: 2015, SGS product application: indicator light Beads, electric lamp beads. LED lamp beads are generally relatively high temperature resistant, but they still have a certain temperature limit. The high temperature resistance performance of LED lamp beads depends on its design and manufacturing quality. Normally, the operating temperature range of LED lamp beads is between -30°C and 100°C.

Generally, the temperature of the LED lamp bead is less than 80 degrees. For the indirect test of the temperature of the LED chip, the temperature of the LED pin is considered to be less than 70 degrees. Even if the surface temperature is slightly higher, if the junction temperature of the LED chip can be guaranteed to be below a certain value, the luminous efficiency and lifespan will basically not be affected.

The temperature of the LED lamp is not high, the junction temperature (PN junction) of the LED lamp bead is generally below 150°, and many lamp bead chips require the junction temperature to be below 120°.

So how many degrees of high temperature can LED lamp beads withstand? What does heat resistance refer to? If you refer to the undead lamp, it is very good, 80, 90 degrees, higher, it will not burn out, if you refer to light decay, it is about 50, 60 degrees At this time, the light decay is not very large. If you want to maintain a certain brightness for a long time, it is best to keep it at 40-50 degrees, and the light decay will be very small. In short, the higher the temperature, the longer the life Short. It depends on what your heat resistance refers to. The immortal lamp has a large light decay and a small light decay

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