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The difference between three color inline lamp beads and two color inline lamp beads



Hello everyone, I am the editor of Hailongxing Lamp Beads Factory. Yesterday afternoon, a customer asked me if the length of the two color straight in lamp beads is the same as that of the three color straight in lamp beads? What is the difference between them?
Three color LED direct insertion lamp beads are generally co negative or co positive, with three colors added and four intersecting together
Dual color LED plug-in lamp beads, usually co negative or co positive, with two colors added and three legs together

The three color inline LED is mainly used in backlight modules, signal indicator lights, automotive ambient lights, smart furniture, digital accessories and other products. Today we have a 3mm round head three color common female round head straight in LED as a column
Dual color LED light beads with both yin and yang, usually red and blue, red and green, and red and emerald green, are mainly used in automotive interiors and on smart home indicator light beads
Dual color lamp beads have the characteristics of energy conservation, high brightness, long lifespan, and low attenuation. Today, we have taken 3mm dual color co cathode co anode direct insertion lamp beads as an example

The length of the three color co yin co yang direct insertion lamp beads and the two color direct insertion lamp beads are similar, mainly determined by their brackets. LED lamp bead brackets are generally universal, and in design, a more universal bracket length is generally used

The long ones are generally 29mm, while the short ones are around 27mm25mm
In practical applications, after the assembly of our plugins, the excess length is usually cut off to ensure the normal trial use of the product structure
Today, we will share the management of dual color direct plug-in LED light beads and three color plug-in light beads. We hope it will be useful to you. If you want to buy light beads, please contact Hailongxing and we will solve it for you 24 hours a day. If you still need to know about LED chip mounted light beads, direct plug-in LED high-power LEDs, you can leave us a message

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