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5mm straight in white and yellow LED lamp beads applied to car lights



A few days ago, a manufacturer of car headlights approached us and was looking for a white hair yellow LED light bulb
Follow up and understand that the customer's car headlights mainly use two color LEDs: one is white LED, and the other is yellow LED
The current demand is the development of new products for car headlights
The problem is that the previously used yellow light with wavelengths of 565-570nm was found to have an unsatisfactory effect during testing
Goal: Product upgrade, demand upgrade
Conduct: Currently looking for LED bead manufacturers, product selection is underway
Understood the customer's needs and their lamp bead application scenarios. We provide customers with further matching and selection of lamp beads
User testing and development time, as well as energy, manpower, and material costs
So, can we provide customers with a better product selection at once in order to improve their selection efficiency and reduce costs
We asked the customer to mail the previous product to the company and compare the wavelength, light color, and angle
Finally, based on the customer's original design, a 5mm straight in yellow LED lamp bead was selected for the customer
In the face of increasingly competitive markets, with fast response and high-quality service, we always adhere to the core of demand, understand customer needs first, in order to provide customers with better solutions and products, and better serve customers
5mm white hair yellow
Overall: Only by clarifying the customer's needs and application scenarios
To better select the type for customers, the specific requirements and materials of the lamp beads, as well as the better packaging types, largely depend on the customer's needs.
Collaborating with customers for a win-win situation means keeping up with the times in terms of demand, customer, and market. We have always adhered to the principle of putting service at the center, providing customers with effective product solutions, and solving customer problems as the core.
The future of the brand development of Hailongxing LED bead manufacturers lies in personalized customization, customization according to customer needs, prioritizing quality, producing mid to high-end products, and enhancing their core brand competitiveness

LED lamp beads,5mm straight in white and yellow LED lamp beads,5mm straight in white


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