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Reasons why LED lamp beads are not bright enough



Hello everyone, a customer asked me about the same technical parameters, why the brightness of the lamp bead is not as high as ours, today I will tell you the reason why the brightness of the LED lamp bead is not enough, the following is the Hailongxing small We compiled and summarized two reasons why the brightness is not enough, hoping to help you.
There are many reasons why the brightness of LED lamp beads is not enough. Generally speaking, like LED red light, LED yellow-green light, and LED orange light, because their own voltage is low, the brightness of the chip is relatively low, so the overall brightness is also relatively low.
Therefore, if the brightness of these three light colors is not enough, LED lamp bead manufacturer Hailongxing Optoelectronics generally has two methods.
1. Generally, the size of the chip is increased to increase the brightness. By increasing the size of the LED chip, the brightness of the LED lamp bead can be improved, but in terms of the brightness of the chip, the overall cost of the lamp bead is also increased. The lamp bead with a large chip The brightness of the package is higher than that of the small chip, but the price is also relatively high. This is when you buy a car. Compared with the 3.0 displacement, the 2.0 displacement has more horsepower, and the price is relatively higher.
2. The other is to increase the brightness through the red, yellow-green, and orange chips of the reverse polarity chip. Generally, both sides of the chip emit light, and the two reverse polarity chips emit light in the middle, so the overall brightness should be improved. The same reverse polarity chip The price is also high, so the price of the LED lamp beads packaged by the reverse chip is usually higher than the brightness of the conventional chip package.
This is also the reason why the price of LED lamp beads with higher brightness is usually higher than that of conventional brightness lamp beads on the market. After all, the cost of LED lamp bead manufacturers has increased.

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