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The complete process flow of in-line LED packaging



In-line LED lamp beads are a common electronic component, they have pins, and can be installed by inserting into the socket on the circuit board

The packaging process of Through-Hole LED usually includes the following steps:

Chip dicing: LED chips are cut from the wafer into individual LED chips. This step is usually done in a semiconductor fabrication facility.

Chip sorting: Classify and sort the cut LED chips, and group them according to parameters such as brightness and wavelength to meet product requirements.

Chip bonding: paste the LED chip to the package base of the LED lamp bead (usually a PCB board), and use materials such as thermal conductive adhesive or solder for bonding.

Soldering leads: Connect the anode and cathode leads of the LED chip to the corresponding pins on the base of the LED bead package by automatic or manual soldering.

Encapsulation and curing: Use materials such as thermosetting adhesive, ultraviolet curing adhesive or hot melt adhesive to encapsulate and cure the LED chip and leads to protect the chip and fix the leads.

Cutting and shaping: according to the needs, cut the packaged LED lamp bead into an appropriate size and carry out shaping treatment.

Cleaning and testing: cleaning and testing packaged LED lamp beads to ensure that the quality and performance meet the requirements.

Sorting and grading: According to brightness, wavelength and other parameters, LED lamp beads are sorted and classified to meet product consistency and quality requirements.

Packaging and labeling: Properly package the LED lamp beads, and mark the product information, model and parameters on the package

The above is the complete process flow of in-line LED packaging, and the specific process flow may include other steps to meet specific product requirements

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