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What are the characteristics of SMD 2835 full-color lamp beads?



What are the characteristics of SMD 2835 full-color lamp beads? The appearance size of 2835RGB 6-pin full-color light table is 2.8*3.5*1.3mm. Foot full color generally uses three chips in parallel, single chip 0.06W, three chips 0.18W power, single chip drive current is 20MA, this is the most common 2835RGB 6-pin full-color lamp bead, and it is also the most widely used LED lamp However, due to the design of the bracket structure, it belongs to the curve heat dissipation. This type of lamp bead does not have a heat sink, so it cannot use high-power chips. The maximum power of this 2835RGB 6-pin lamp bead model is 0.23W, and the maximum current is 65MA . The appearance colloid of 2835RGB 6-pin full-color lamp beads is transparent silicone resin glue or epoxy resin glue. Since the full-color light is composite light, blue or purple light chips are required, and phosphor powder is sprayed on the surface (high-resolution lamp beads need red powder, yellow powder, and green powder. To adjust with different chip bands,) to achieve the effects of pink, pink green, pink yellow, and pink ice blue, so the 2835RGB 6-pin white surface colloid is golden yellow, warm white is yellow, and red light is light red. 2835RGB 6-pin full-color, the function of the transparent colloid is to increase the light transmittance, and the color is controlled by adjusting the three primary colors (red light, green light, blue light) and the

power IC current, which can be mixed into various colors of light.

2835RGB 6-pin full-color lamp bead,


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