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How much do you know about led beads



With the gradual development of LED lighting, LED has gradually replaced some traditional light source products in public places such as lighting engineering assistance. In 2009, LED began to popularize in developed countries. LED lamps have quickly become the new favorite of the market in the commercial application places where the electricity cost is high and the use time is long. As the use of LED lighting fixtures, LED market development is divided into several stages.
The first stage is the LED lamp utility model stage.
On the basis of the previous stage, the market has recognized and accepted LED lamp products to a certain extent. The environmental protection, small size, high reliability and other characteristics of LED lamps are gradually highlighted. Therefore, a series of products that are completely different from traditional light source applications will become popular. The lighting industry will have a larger and wider development space. The light source no longer only serves as illumination, but its variety makes it more suitable for people's work and life. Each manufacturer strives for the advantages of design and application.
The second stage is the intelligent control stage of LED lamps.
With the development of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, LED, as a semiconductor industry, will also take this high-speed train to play its highly controllable characteristics. From home to office building, from road to tunnel, from car to walk, from auxiliary lighting to main lighting, LED lighting system with intelligent control will bring higher level services to human beings. The LED lamp industry will also go from making products to designing products to providing overall solutions.
The third stage is the replacement acceptance stage of LED lamps.
This stage refers to the early development of LED lamps, which mainly reflects the characteristics of high luminous efficiency (low energy consumption) and long life. Because of the high price, it is mainly the commercial photo market at this stage. The customer has a process of acceptance, first of all, the transition and acceptance of usage habits and appearance. In accordance with the use of traditional light sources, the characteristics of LED lamps, such as power saving and longevity, make it easy for the market to accept its relatively high price. Especially in commercial occasions. All manufacturers strive for the advantage of quality and price.
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How much do you know about led beads


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