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LED purple light has certain effect on sterilization



Long wave ultraviolet with wavelength of 380~320nm is called UVA for short,
The UVB with the wavelength of 320~280nm is called UVB for short,
Short wave ultraviolet ray with wavelength shorter than 280nm is called UVC for short.
Most of the ultraviolet disinfection lamps sold on the market use 254nm short wave ultraviolet (UVC) emitted by mercury lamp to achieve disinfection. This UVC ultraviolet light has a short wavelength and carries a large amount of energy.
But just because of this, this kind of short wave ultraviolet lamp will cause direct harm to human body without protective measures:
1. If people's eyes and skin are exposed to ultraviolet light for more than 3 minutes, they may exceed the human safety limits set by the World Health Organization and the International Commission for the Protection of SARS Radiation;
2. After 15 minutes of direct irradiation, the cornea will be damaged, causing electric ophthalmia, sudden severe pain in both eyes, foreign body sensation, photophobia, lacrimation or blepharospasm;
3. Long term irradiation will damage eyes and skin, resulting in eye trauma and serious skin burns, and may lead to skin cancer.

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