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The beauty of high lamp body lamp beads to the whole product



As long as the high lamp body lamp bead is applied to the electrical indicator, each electronic product lacks the indicator, which makes the product appear relatively simple, mainly because it cannot show the working process.
For the previous lamp beads, due to the requirements of product design, there is a distance between the top of the lamp bead and the control panel, so the light transmission of the lamp bead is relatively weak, which can not achieve the desired effect. Therefore, the rubber pad is added on the pin of the lamp bead. On the one hand, the cost and labor are increased, and on the other hand, the overall beauty of the product is affected.
In this case, the use of high lamp body lamp beads can completely avoid some problems of adding rubber pads. From the product point of view, it can improve the grade.

High lamp body lamp bead


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