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Practice tells you the difference between 365nm and 395nm purple light beads



It is believed that many people are familiar with the purple flashlight, and the functions of 365nm and 395nm lamp beads are different.
To put it simply:
The light emitted at 365nm basically contains no purple, which does not affect the judgment. The purple color at 395nm is very strong, which sometimes affects the judgment.
The fluorescence at 365nm is generally much stronger than that at 395nm; The fluorescence effect at 395nm is weaker than that at 365nm.
365nm can emit some fluorescence that cannot be emitted at 395nm, such as the fluorescence on the back of people people coins

The left side of the figure below shows the color of a 365nm purple light bulb shining on a white object without fluorescence, and the right side shows the 395nm purple light flashlight effect.


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