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How to detect the quality of 2835 SMD lamp beads



2835 lamp beads have seven colors of red, yellow, white, green, orange, purple, yellow-green, red and blue lights, widely used in visual light source applications, electronic gifts, digital, communications, automotive electronics, lighting, indoor lighting, plants Grow lights, electronic toys, traffic instructions, urban lighting projects

2835 SMD

1. The quality of the lamp bead: the quality of the lamp bead determines the quality of the chip. If you choose a small manufacturer to produce low-quality lamp beads, the brightness of the light strips produced is relatively low, because the quality of the LED light-emitting chips determines that the brightness of the LED lamp beads is not high, and those chips are 1-2 cents A single inferior product will leak electricity (dead light) after being used for a period of time. Products made of high-quality chips are characterized by high brightness and stable performance. Cheng Guangxing Optoelectronics uses imported chips, such as Taiwan Epistar. Fundamentally ensure the quality of LED SMD lamp beads.

2835 LED

2. Heat dissipation: If the heat dissipation conditions are not good, the lamp bead will work for a long time at high temperature, the light decay will be large, and its service life will also be reduced.

3. Color temperature: The color temperature classification should be as small as possible, so that when a large number of LEDs are lit together, it will not cause some yellowish and some color casts due to the large color temperature difference.
Hailongxing Optoelectronics has been specializing in the production of LED lamp beads for 17 years. The main products are: in-line LED, SMD LED, high-power LED, COB light source

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