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Factors Affecting the Price of LED Lamp Beads



    LED lamp beads are already a very familiar product in the LED industry, but many people don't know much about the price of LED lamp beads. What makes the price of LED lamp beads so different? Take a look at the introduction below and you will be able to understand clearly,
1. LED lamp bead size: LED lamp beads with different specifications and sizes have different prices. For example, the prices of in-line LED lamp beads and SMD LED lamp beads are quite different; and the price of SMD LED lamp beads is a step different from the price of high-power LED lamp beads. Don't just focus on the price when buying LED lamp beads. It should be comprehensively assessed from the following aspects in order to buy high-quality and low-cost LED lamp beads.

2. Chips used in LED lamp beads: LED lamp bead chips include domestic and Taiwan chips and imported chips (including American chips, Japanese chips, German chips, etc.). Different chips have different prices. At present, the most expensive American chips are followed by Japanese chips and German chips. The cheapest Taiwanese chips have slightly worse heat dissipation performance. What kind of chip is used specifically? What kind of effect should be achieved? Before buying, you must know it well.

3. Led lamp bead package: In-line and SMD LED lamp beads are divided into resin package and silicone package. Resin encapsulation is cheaper. Everything else is the same. Silicone encapsulation has good heat dissipation performance, so the price is slightly more expensive than resin encapsulation. Consistency of LED lamp bead color: At present, there are many packaging factories in China. There are thousands of companies, large and small, and of course there are differences in strength. Because there are many small packaging factories that do not have spectroscopic and color separation machines, they either do not use spectroscopic and color separation, or they send out, which makes it difficult to guarantee the quality. The color consistency of LED lamp beads without spectroscopic and color separation is poor, and the lighting effect after being installed on LED lamp beads is not so good, and of course the price difference is relatively large.

4. Welding effect of LED lamp beads: There are two types of assembly of LED lamp beads: manual welding and machine welding. Manual soldering is to use a soldering iron to solder in the most primitive way. The products entered by this operation method are ugly in appearance, and the electrostatic protection measures are not good. Many SMD LED lamp bead chips are broken down, resulting in slight or no light when powered on. Machine soldering uses reflow soldering for soldering, but machine soldering is different. Not only the appearance of the soldered product is beautiful (the size of the solder joints is the same, the solder joints are smooth, there is no flux residue, and the in-line LED lamp beads are well packaged), but also the chip will not be burned out by static electricity. At the same time, the position and direction of the LED lamp beads are more beautiful. This can be seen directly from the appearance.

5. LED lamp bead FPC material: FPC is divided into two types: rolled copper and copper clad. Copper-clad laminates are cheaper, and rolled copper is more expensive. The pads of the copper-clad board are easy to fall off when bent, but the rolled copper will not. Which kind of FPC material to use depends on the salesman himself to make a decision according to the use environment.

6. Has the FPC passed environmental protection certification and UL certification? Has the LED lamp beads been patented? No low price. Certified and patented ones are more expensive.

7. The brightness of LED lamp beads: the prices of in-line LED lamp beads with different brightness are different. The price difference between ordinary brightness and high brightness LED lamp beads is quite different. Therefore, when buying, you must clearly know what kind of brightness you need, so that you can accurately position your products.

8. LED lamp bead color: LED lamp beads have different colors. Prices are different. Due to the difficulty of color matching and color separation of red and green, the price is higher than that of other colors; the color separation of red, yellow, blue and other colors is easier and the consistency is better, so the price is slightly cheaper. Special colors such as purple, brown, etc. are the most expensive due to color matching reasons.
Factors Affecting the Price of LED Lamp Beads

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