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Common types and application fields of LED lamp beads



There are many types of LED light sources, and the lamp beads used in the internal structure of different LED lights will also have subtle differences. Today, the editor will comprehensively and systematically popularize the common types of LED lamp beads for your reference.

LED lamp bead product summary

1-pin plug-in type (DIP)

This kind of LED lamp bead is the light-emitting diode with the simplest structure, because there are two filaments shaped like "feet" under the lamp bead, which can be directly connected to the circuit board, so it is called a pin-inserted lamp bead.


Direct plug-in LED lamp bead diagram



It has good safety, stable performance, can emit light under low voltage conditions, and has low loss, high efficiency, long life, and can also perform multi-color dimming.


Common shapes:

This kind of lamp beads can have various shapes, such as round, oval, square, and even shaped. Although roughly speaking, there is not much difference in shape and size, but the cross-sections of different shapes of lamp beads are different.


Types of direct plug-in LED lamp beads


Luminous type:

If you look carefully at different lamp beads, you will find that some lamp beads have different numbers of "pins", which can make the light-emitting diodes produce different colors of light.


Types of led lamp beads


Application fields:

In the field of lighting, pin plug-in lamp beads are hardly used; generally they are mostly used as car lights, indicator lights, display screens, etc.

In-line LED lamp bead application field


2 low power surface mount type (SMD)

This kind of lamp bead light source is to solder the light-emitting diodes on the surface of the circuit board instead of passing through the circuit board. It is small in size, and some are even smaller than pin-inserted lamp beads.


Common models:

There are many models of this type of lamp beads, the most commonly used ones are 2835 (PCT), 4014, 3528, 3014, etc. The first two digits of each model number represent the width "x.x mm", and the last two digits represent the length "x.x mm". . For example, 2835 represents a width of 2.8 mm and a length of 3.5 mm.

SMD led lamp beads

The surface of the lamp bead coated with yellow phosphor emits white light


Application fields:

This kind of low-power surface-mounted lamp beads has a wide range of applications. Because of its small size, it can be used anywhere, so it can be pasted on various LED lights, and the quantity can be adjusted and changed according to needs.


SMD lamp bead application field


3 high power surface mount type

The third type of lamp bead is also a surface-mounted type, which is similar in essence to the low-power surface-mounted type, except that the high-power and volume are larger; in terms of fine structure, there is an extra lens to better focus the light on the surface. Together.


High power led lamp beads

Common types:

There are also many types of high-power surface-mount lamp beads:


Types of high power LED lamp beads


Here is a little trick for everyone: if the surface color of the lamp bead is yellowish, it is generally low color temperature; if the surface color is greenish, it is generally high color temperature; if there is no phosphor, the lamp bead is colorless and transparent, generally it is colored light.


Application fields:

This kind of lamp bead is generally used after being put on a lens (to facilitate the convergence or dispersion of light), and is often made into spotlights and spotlights.


Application fields of high-power LED lamp beads


4 integrated package type (COB)

The last type is the integrated package type lamp bead, which is to package many lamp bead chips on the same board, and the size is the same as the diameter of a 50 cent coin.


Integrated COB lamp beads


Common shapes:

Generally, there are round, strip and square, and strip-shaped integrated boards are often used as desk lamps.


Square COB


Application fields:

Integrated and packaged LED lamps are gradually being used more and more, and are used in both indoor lighting and outdoor lighting.


COB application field


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