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2835RGB is a high brightness LED chip bead,



2835RGB is a high brightness LED chip bead, mainly used in the following scenarios:

Car interior decoration: can be used for interior atmosphere lights, LED light strips, desk lights, etc.

LED lighting fixtures: can be used for LED light strips, desk lamps, intelligent lighting, etc.

Home lighting: can be used for indoor lighting, table lighting, floor lighting, etc.

Personal decoration: can be used for backlighting, desk lights, etc. on mobile phones and tablets.

Advertising logo: can be used for billboards, signs, logos, etc.

Industrial lighting: can be used for projection lights, wall washing lights, street lights, etc.

Film and drama stage lighting: can be used for stage lighting, film and television shooting, etc.

Exhibition display: can be used for exhibition halls, display counter lights, etc.

In addition, 2835RGB can also be applied in special application fields such as backlight for instruments and digital cameras. Its main advantages are high brightness, large luminous flux, high color purity, low heat generation, and high safety


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