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What should be paid attention to when selecting LED bead specifications and models?



Either value quality or value brand.

The quality is relatively good, but there is relatively little follow-up maintenance.

This sentence has been said many times, and I am still saying it now.

I want to say that before selecting lamp beads, it is necessary to pay more attention to testing the electrical parameters of the lamp beads and pay attention to performance, but I can't always say.

Many customers inquire about why I always have inconsistent quality when using certain lamp beads.

Why do the lamp beads I choose always use the old dead light.

Why do the lamp beads I choose always show severe light decay.

Why did I choose a consistent color difference for the lamp beads.

I have been engaged in LED bead consulting since the end of November, urging everyone to choose a reputable brand for bead selection.

Now I have changed persuasion into suggestion, which is more pleasing to everyone's eyes.

Of course, this quality selection is also recommended for everyone to try.

Choosing to value quality or price is up to everyone.

Don't people like to choose their own lamp bead specifications and lamp bead suppliers?

If my kid wants good quality and low price, I will tell him that fish and bear paws cannot be both.

Whatever my little boy eats, whether he is picky or not, he always tells him to avoid going to roadside stalls.

When growing up, one should not only have balanced nutrition, but also be clean and hygienic.

Because roadside stalls don't use gutter oil, I don't know.

What is one cent price, one cent goods

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