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What is the intermittent transmission LED light strip and how is it achieved?



Breakpoint continuous transmission LED light strip is one of the RGB slide light strips, with rich light effects and pure and colorful light colors.

The breakpoint continuous transmission LED light strip adopts a dual signal line cross transmission scheme. After one signal is interrupted, the other backup signal line can bypass the fault point and transmit the signal to the next pixel. Thus, it can be achieved that on a light strip, when one light bead is not lit, the other light beads can emit light normally. It will not affect the overall effect.


The models of breakpoint continuous transmission slide light strips are relatively diverse, and the products have extremely high stability and are compatible with SPI slide controller.

The breakpoint continuous transmission light comes with various waterproof light strips, which can be used indoors and outdoors with good flexibility. In addition, the minimum shear ruler is 100mm, which is flexible in cutting and has a luminous angle of up to 120 °. It has excellent temperature resistance and a service life of 30000 hours.

The use range of breakpoint continuous transmission light strip is very wide, including hotels, KTVs, shopping malls, parks


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