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The first half of two LED enterprises into losses accumulated losses of 1200000000



Yesterday, the reporter learned from the China light industry network, the National Bureau of statistics data of more than 2600 enterprises in 2015, half the national LED lighting industry accumulated losses of 579 enterprises, the loss was 22.18%, higher than the national light industry face a loss of 8.6 percentage points over the same period last year, the loss widened by 2.57 percentage points, the cumulative the losses totaling 1215000000 yuan.
FSL Lighting Association Secretary General Zhang Hua said, LED industry in the first half of this year to come up with such data is not a shame, "is the main environmental impact, this data than other industries may also look good."
2610 companies lost 579 losses
Yesterday, the 2015 national LED first half of the lighting industry report Chinese light industry published by the National Bureau of statistics and other relevant departments to provide data support.
"Daily economic news" reporter noted, the first half of 2015, the national lighting industry, the cumulative loss of the number of enterprises reached 579, the loss was 22.18%, compared with the same period last year, the loss widened by 2.57 percentage points, the cumulative loss amounted to 1215000000 yuan, an increase of 9.75%.
It is worth noting, the number included in the statistics of 2610 LED companies, compared to the same period last year increased by 152; first half of last year the country lost about 482 enterprises this year, an increase of loss making enterprises 97.
"I think in this economic situation is fairly normal, this data than other industries may also look good." Zhang Hua told reporters. The economic downturn, the development of China's lighting industry has been affected to a certain extent, "from the listing Corporation in the first half of this year's earnings, most output growth, gross profit in growth, profit growth rate may affect only." Zhang Hua said, overall, in the 579 loss making enterprises "worry" data, still there is no lack of "joy" existence.
According to the engineering production and Research Institute LED statistics show that, in the past three years, the LED industry average annual growth rate reached 31% in 2014, Chinese LED industry output reached 344500000000 yuan, "LED industry overall, the total is still growing, and rapid growth, what would you like to have such a good industry growth?" In addition, Zhang Hua also said, with the application of LED in China is becoming more and more popular, more and more mature technology, prospects will be more clear.
The continuous rise in Guangdong loss
The report also pointed out that, from the point of view of regional distribution companies, the number of loss making enterprises in five areas of most of the order of Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Fujian.
"Daily economic news" reporter noted, the 5 provinces, Zhejiang province enterprises most, accounted for 38.51%, Guangdong ranks second, accounting for nearly 30%, the two together accounted for more than 68%, "there is a reason for this fact, our domestic LED, in fact, Taiwan is Chinese Japan and other countries and regions, early we followed them later, our own innovation development. So the two local enterprises will be more LED."Zhang Hua explained.
But according to the China light network previously announced data shows, in recent years, Guangdong lighting industry accumulated losses is increasing year by year trend. In 2014, the national lighting industry cumulative losses of 13.65%, an increase of 2.40%.Guangdong lighting industry, the cumulative loss is 15.61%, an increase of 4.33%. The loss and the growth rate is higher than the national level. And to maintain the stability of the 2013 in the lighting industry loss, Guangdong lighting industry loss remains contrarian expansion.
According to the engineering production and Research Institute of LED statistics, the next three years Chinese LED industry output growth rate or size will be reduced to 23%, which means that, annual growth amounted to less than the average growth rate, to keep up with the rhythm of the enterprise is likely in the next three years to be cleaned out."Last three years, you are a hero." High LED chairman Zhang Xiaofei said.
"When an industry maturity increased, its concentration will increase, the industry reshuffle will slowly, is not to say no, can only say that the division of labor is not the same." Zhang Hua told reporters.
It is worth noting that, lighting industry exports than imports. According to statistics, in January this year, ~3 months, the national lighting industry completed a total exports of $7333000000, an increase of 29.40%, while imports amounted to only $116000000.

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