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How many amps is a 5mm LED?



Regarding the current of 5mm LEDs (in amperes, or amps), we need to be clear that the current of LEDs is usually described in milliamperes (mA), not amps. The following is a detailed explanation of the current of 5mm LED lamp beads based on the information provided in the reference article:

Operating current range: The operating current range of 5mm LED lamp beads can vary from 10mA to 1A, which mainly depends on the power of the lamp beads and the specific application scenario.
Lamp beads of different powers:
Dip led diode with a power of 0.06W generally have an operating current of 20mA.
Dip led diode with a power of 0.5W generally have an operating current of 150mA.
Dip led diodes  with a power of 1W generally have an operating current of 350mA.
High-power LEDs (such as 3W and 5W) have currents of 700mA and 1000mA respectively.
Specific color LEDs:
For red Dip led diode the rated operating current is generally around 20mA, but the operating current range may vary from 10mA to 30mA.
The voltage of red and yellow 5mm LED is usually between 1.8-2.4V.
The voltage of blue, white and green LED beads is between 3.0-3.6V.
Package type: LED beads of different package types may also have different operating currents. For example, the operating current of small power tubes (such as 0805, 1206, etc.) in SMD packages is generally 10 mA, but there are exceptions; while the operating current of medium power tubes (such as 5050, 5060, 5630, etc.) in SMD packages is generally 50~150 mA.
In summary, the current (in mA) of 5mm LED beads depends on their power, color, package type and specific application scenarios. Therefore, it is impossible to give a fixed ampere value to describe the current of all 5mm LED beads. If a specific current value is required, please refer to the specifications of the specific LED beads or consult the relevant suppliers.

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