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How Does a 5mm straw hat LED Work?




Our 5mm  straw hat  LED have the LED die in the center in a frame. This whole setup is covered with a 5mm epoxy lens/case. There are then bi-pin legs that come off the bottom of the LED and hang below the epoxy package. The longer of the two leads is the positive side (Anode) and the shorter of the leads is the negative side (cathode). There is also a flat spot at the bottom of the lens where the negative leg is, which is another way to configure the positive and negative sides.

Color 5mm  straw hat  LEDs

In addition to standard white and warm-white we also offer a large selection of color Color 5mm  straw hat  LEDs; the color options range from ultra-violet through infrared. Many of the colors offered are available in different output viewing angles, but all have clear lenses unlike other Color 5mm  straw hat  LEDsthat use a colored dome lens to create color.

LED Straw Hat 5mm LED parameter

LED Straw Hat 5mm LED. 120 Degree viewing angle. Available in white, green, red, blue, yellow/amber. Volage varies from 2.1 to 3.2 volts depends on the color. Approximate size of the LED is .20in x .23in, with 1.15in of lead.

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