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How many lumens is a 5mm LED?



The lumen rating of a 5mm LED depends on various factors such as its power, type, and design. The brightness of a 5mm LED, typically measured in millicandela (mcd), can range from 1000mcd to 20,000mcd or more. However, lumen (lm) is a different unit that measures the total amount of visible light emitted by a source, while millicandela (mcd) measures the intensity of light in a specific direction.

The lumen rating of a 5mm LED is not directly specified, as it would depend on the specific characteristics and application of the LED. Generally, the higher the power and brightness of the LED, the more lumens it is likely to produce. However, to obtain the exact lumen rating of a specific 5mm LED, you would need to consult the manufacturer's specifications or technical data sheet for that particular LED.


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