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What is the difference between 5mm LED and 3mm LED



The primary difference between 5mm LEDs and 3mm LEDs lies in their size. As their names suggest, 5mm LEDs have a larger diameter (5mm) compared to 3mm LEDs (3mm).


Here are a few key distinctions between the two:

  1. Size: The most obvious difference is their physical size. 5mm LEDs are larger in diameter and often have a larger lens area, making them more visually prominent compared to 3mm LEDs.

  2. Brightness: Generally, 5mm LEDs can emit more light compared to 3mm LEDs due to their larger size. This can result in higher luminous intensity ratings for 5mm LEDs, but it depends on other factors such as the specific LED model, color, and operating conditions.

  3. Viewing Angle: Because of their larger lens area, 5mm LEDs may have a wider viewing angle compared to 3mm LEDs. However, this can vary depending on the design of the LED and its intended application.

  4. Applications: Both sizes of LEDs are commonly used in various electronic devices and lighting applications. 5mm LEDs might be preferred when visibility or brightness is crucial, while 3mm LEDs might be chosen for applications where space is limited or a more discreet appearance is desired.

In summary, the main differences between 5mm and 3mm LEDs are their physical size, brightness, viewing angle, and suitability for different applications.

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