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What voltage is 5mm LED rated for?



 What voltage is 5mm LED rated for? The working current of a 5mm LED is 20mA, and the voltage is around 1.8-2.4V. The emitting colors are red, yellow, orange, and plain green, and the white light is 0-3V; Red light 8-2V; Blue light 0-2V; Green light 9-1V; Yellow light 8-0V. LED lamp process: chip inspection. Around 3.0-3.6V for other colors. The working voltage and current of LEDs with different colors are different. The working voltage of LEDs with red, green, blue, and white colors increases sequentially, with red about 7V, green about 1V, blue about 3V, and white about 8V. The current is between 10-50mA, and the larger the current, the shorter the lifespan.

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5mm LED 0.6 watts. According to relevant public information, 0.5 watts is the power. According to the formula P equals UI, U is the voltage of the LED, which is generally 3v, and I is the current flowing through it, which is generally 20mA or less. Therefore, a 5mm LED is equal to 3 times 0.02, which is 0.6 watts.
5mm LED beads are a type of high brightness and high reliability light-emitting diode product. Its high brightness, high reliability, bright and uniform white light, and suitability for various application scenarios make it one of the favored light source products in the lighting industry. In addition, the 5mm LED beads also use an anti-static PVC profile base, effectively preventing short circuits caused by contact between PCB solder joints and metal casing. The design adopts a mesh constant current circuit, which has strong anti-static function and ensures the stability of the module. At the same time, it adopts low voltage power supply, which is safe and reliable, and easy to connect. Each module contains plugs and socket wires for easy connection

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