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What are SMD 3528 and SMD 5050 LEDs?





SMD 3528 and SMD 5050 LEDs are surface mount diodes (SMDs) that are commonly used in LED lighting applications. Here are some key points about each:

SMD 3528 LEDs:

  • The dimensions of the LED are 3.5mm x 2.8mm.
  • They are often used in indoor, commercial, and industrial lighting applications, including LED lighting products, LED decorative products, LED backlighting products, lighting fixtures, backlight displays (LCD, billboards), and automotive lights.
  • SMD 3528 LEDs are known for their small light decay, high brightness, concentrated color area, large angle, low thermal resistance, ultra-low light decay technology, and long life.
  • LED3528 soft light strips, which use SMD 3528 LEDs as the light source, are a popular type of lighting product. These strips are flexible, can be cut to length, and come in various colors and waterproof ratings.
  • 3528  SMD LED chips

                                   3528 SMD LED Chips

SMD 5050 LEDs:

  • The dimensions of the LED are 5.0mm x 5.0mm.
  • They have a higher power and brightness compared to SMD 3528 LEDs, making them suitable for lighting and backlighting applications.
  • SMD 5050 LEDs can house three LED diodes (or "chips") in a single package, allowing them to emit a variety of colors when combined with RGB technology.
  • They are often used in LED strips, LED tubes, and LED screens to create vibrant lighting effects.  

                                       5050  SMD LED chips

  •                          5050 SMD LED chips

In summary, SMD 3528 and SMD 5050 LEDs differ primarily in their size, brightness, and color capabilities. Both types of LEDs have their own unique advantages and applications.


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