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List of LED bead models,



List of LED bead models, parameters, specifications, pictures, all of which cannot be missing.

A few days ago, I received several inquiries about LED bead specifications and model list pictures. In the process of selecting new LED beads, everyone still has a lot of confusion. What you mean is that if you have a list of LED bead specifications, models, or pictures in your hand, it will be much more convenient to choose.

There is a certain reason for this.

The list of LED bead specifications includes various bead specifications, parameters, brightness, voltage, current, power size, luminous angle, and expected pad size, all clearly marked.

Today, we will take the 2023 SMT LED bead model comparison table of Taihong Optoelectronics as an example to talk about the characteristics and applications of various models.

1、 List image of low-power SMT LED bead models

What are the main specifications and models for low-power?

1. 0402LED Beads;

2. 0603 LED Beads;

3. 0805LED Beads;

4. 1206 LED beads;

5. 3528 LED beads.

2、 List image of medium power SMT LED bead models

1. 2835LED beads;

2. 3014 LED beads;

3. 5050 LED beads.

3、 List image of high-power SMT LED bead models

1. 3030 LED beads;

2. 5730 LED beads;

3. 3838LED Beads;

4. 1919 LED Beads;

5. 2828LED beads.

4、 Comparison Table of LED Bead Models for SMT: Characteristics and Applications of Various Models

Above, we have listed a list of commonly used specifications and models of SMT LED beads in the current LED industry.

So, how can we make better selection and application based on the characteristics of these specifications and models?

1. Brightness, we first need to consider the brightness requirements. For example, smartwatches and mobile phone backlights require small size, high brightness, and low power consumption. We definitely choose low-power SMT lamps.

2. If it is used for household lighting, general lighting, such as bubble lights, corn lights, panel lights, and requires high brightness and cost-effectiveness, then we will definitely choose larger SMT lights like 5730、2835.

3. Voltage and current, power, packaging form and size.


LED beads of various specifications and models are designed for bead applications, and different bead applications, indicator lights, general lighting, special lighting, conventional, customized, all have their specific purposes.

So, the list of LED bead models and the comparison table of SMT LED bead models are important tools for us in the selection process. By understanding the characteristics and applications of various models, we can choose the LED bead model that suits our needs, thereby improving the performance and effectiveness of the product. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the development trends of the LED industry, constantly learn and innovate to adapt to constantly changing needs.

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