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5mm LED Diode 5mm light-emitting diode parameters



Detailed introduction to the parameters, dimensions, prices, and specifications of 5mm round head lamp beads produced by Hailongxing Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Welcome+VX13928496601

5mm round head lamp beads emit colors such as warm white, normal white, yellow light, green light, red light, blue light, purple light, dual color, single color, etc

Colloid: transparent, mist like, with color

Size: 5 * 8.7 with edges, no edges, long legs, short legs

Color temperature: 2700-10000 customized

Wavelength: The wavelength of red light is between 620-630NM, while the wavelength of yellow light is between 585-595NM. The wavelength of emerald green light is the most stringent and must be controlled within the same color to pass the traffic bureau. The wavelength of emerald green light is between 520-530NM, but relatively wide. There will be color, voltage, current, and inconsistency. The wavelength should be controlled between 520-530NM, so that color consistency, voltage, and current consistency can be controlled


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