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What are the differences between the different brightness of 2835 white LED lamp beads?



The white light version of 2835 SMD LED lamp beads is the most widely used in light sources, especially in lamp light sources, point light sources, light bars, light strips, light groups and other products. Currently, the 2835 white light models on the market are divided into some models for different brightness, such as regular bright, medium bright, high bright, and even super bright. Manufacturers generally produce and stock the first three types. Super bright ones are customized models, which require a certain minimum batch size.

Each company has different brightness standards. Factors affecting brightness:

1. The luminous intensity of general, medium and high brightness varies from company to company, mainly depending on the brand and quality of the luminescent chip. Since domestic light-emitting chip companies started late, there is still a gap between them and mature foreign light-emitting chip products in terms of light intensity, light display, color reproduction, color vividness, color temperature, etc., which is also reflected in the huge price difference. .


2. The size of the chip. If the manufacturer wants to make the luminous intensity higher, it must increase the size of the luminous chip. Therefore, the model with higher luminous intensity must have greater power and the larger the size of the luminous chip. .

3. Power and voltage. Power and voltage are also a major factor that affects brightness. Many times the customer's usage environment has requirements for voltage or current, so our sales staff also ask about the power and voltage as soon as possible when communicating with customers. Are there any current requirements? Depending on the color and model, the voltage can be as low as 1.8V and as high as 3.6V. The current has 30MA/60MA/150MA due to different power, and the corresponding power is 0.1W/0.2W/0.5W.

To sum up, in fact, the difference between 2835 patch white light, general brightness, medium brightness, and high brightness lies in the luminous intensity, and the factors that affect the luminous intensity are the points we analyzed above, and it is also because of these factors that the Their prices vary greatly. The above are the differences between 2835 patches. If you need to know more, you can call the number below the picture. Welcome to consult.


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