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The difference between cob light source and led diode



In the field of LED lighting, LED lamp beads and cob lamp beads are two common LED lamp bead packages. Each uses its own expertise in different lamp application fields and jointly writes a gorgeous chapter in the application of LED lamps.

In the early days of LED development, LED lamp beads took the lead in the lighting industry due to their flexibility and rich colors. Like a light dancer, it shuttles freely on the stage, spreading colorful light and shadow to every corner. Whether it is home lighting, car lighting or city neon, LED lamp beads have conquered the hearts of the audience with their unique charm.

It can be said that in the early application of LED lamps, LED lamp beads played an indispensable role.

However, with the continuous progress of the LED lamp bead industry, COB lamp beads have emerged as a rising star. It has set off a new wave in the lighting industry with its characteristics of high integration and uniform light. COB lamp beads are like an elegant dancer. Its steps are steady and powerful, spreading bright and soft light evenly on the stage. In commercial lighting, public places and other fields, COB lamp beads have gradually emerged and become the new favorite in the lighting industry.

Two types of LED lamp beads are packaged in LED lamp bead applications, with different parameters and performance, leading to different market applications. In the modern LED industry and market, LED lamp beads and COB lamp beads each show their strengths and compete for market share. Consumers are also entangled and confused when making choices. In this battle of lamp bead types, who will be the ultimate winner?

Therefore, on the stage of the lighting world, LED lamp beads and COB lamp beads began to dance hand in hand. They set off and complement each other, and together they performed wonderful scenes of light and shadow legends. In home lighting, the agility of LED lamp beads and the softness of COB lamp beads are intertwined to create a warm and comfortable ambient light; in commercial lighting, the fusion of the two creates a shocking visual effect.

This advancement in packaging technology in the LED industry, along with the continuous development of LED upstream chips, has turned into a competition for new applications of LED lamp beads and COB lamp beads in the market.

Nowadays, LED lighting applications are emerging in endlessly. Single-color, two-color, three-color, and the collaboration of many different packaging types have transformed the former LED lamp beads and COB lamp beads from competition to cooperation. They are no longer rivals in LED industry applications. , but have become partners that complement each other. The advancement of science and technology and the improvement of technology have also brought more changes and more beauty to our lives.

Nowadays, when we stroll through the streets and alleys of the city, admiring the colorful lights, and even in many city light shows, it is difficult for us to judge whether they use LED lamp beads or COB lamp beads simply from their appearance. It is their application that lights up our better world of light.

Having written this, let’s look back at the main differences between LED lamp beads and COB lamp beads:

Structural differences:
LED lamp beads are composed of a single independent light-emitting diode (LED), and each LED lamp bead is an independent unit. COB (Chips on Board) lamp beads directly bind multiple LED chips to a metal substrate with high thermal conductivity to form an overall light source module.

Performance comparison:
Brightness and light efficiency: Because COB lamp beads use high-density LED chip integration technology, their brightness and light efficiency are usually higher than LED lamp beads at the same power.

Light uniformity: Another notable feature of COB lamp beads is good light uniformity, because multiple LED chips are closely arranged on the same substrate, and the light emitted can be better mixed together. Since each unit of LED lamp beads is independent, the light uniformity may be slightly inferior.

Color performance: LED lamp beads have greater flexibility in color performance. Colorful lighting effects can be achieved by combining LED lamp beads of different colors. The color performance of COB lamp beads is relatively fixed, but different color temperatures can be achieved by adjusting the type and ratio of LED chips.

Heat dissipation and lifespan: Because COB lamp beads use a metal substrate with high thermal conductivity, their heat dissipation performance is better, which helps to extend the service life. The heat dissipation performance of LED lamp beads depends on the specific design and manufacturing process.

Application scenarios: LED lamp beads are widely used in various lighting situations due to their high flexibility, small size and easy combination, such as indoor lighting, home decoration, automotive lighting, backlight display, architectural landscape lighting, billboards and stages. Lights etc. COB lamp beads are mainly used in situations that require high brightness and efficient lighting, such as commercial buildings, road lighting, public places, etc. They are also often used in situations with high lighting quality requirements, such as museums, galleries, etc.

In general, LED lamp beads and COB lamp beads each have their own unique advantages and application scenarios. When choosing, we can make comprehensive considerations based on our specific application needs, cost budget, and performance requirements.


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