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How much does a direct plug-in LED cost?



The price of direct plug-in LEDs currently on the market is mainly based on the power, wavelength, packaging method, purpose of the light-emitting diode (LED lamp bead), the price of direct plug-in LEDs, the packaging chip brand and other factors. Different parameters and packaging requirements will lead to different prices. different

Power: Generally speaking, the general plug-in power is 0.06w. The price of lamp beads that require high power will be correspondingly higher.

Brightness: Brightness is an important indicator of direct-plug lamp beads, usually measured in lumens (Lumen). Higher brightness LED bulbs may cost more.

Color temperature: The prices of LED lamp beads with different color temperatures may be different. There may be a difference in price between warm white and cool white LED bulbs.

Wavelength: Some special-purpose LEDs may require specific wavelengths, which may also affect price. For example, generally 365nm to 410nm are the more conventional UV purple lamp bead prices, and the 265nm UV price will be more expensive.

Brand: Different brands of plug-in lamp beads may have differences in quality, performance and after-sales service, which affects the price. For example, Hilongxing has R&D, sales, and factories. Therefore, when selecting new products, they will choose Hilongxing Optoelectronics' series of light-emitting diode lamp beads. In terms of price, the cost is much lower than using similar products from Osram. This is also one of the reasons why many projects focus on domestic products when re-selecting models.

Purpose: For different applications, LED bulbs may have special design requirements, which will also affect the price.

Packaged chip brand: The packaged chip brand of direct-plug lamp beads is also a factor that affects the price. Some well-known brands of LED chips may bring higher prices.

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