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Straw hat light emitting diode



Straw hat light emitting diode are common plug-in packaged LED DIODE . They are named straw hat  LED DIODE  because they look like straw hats. Their sizes are mainly 5mm, 3mm, 8mm, and 10mm. The luminous colors are: red, green, orange, blue. Color, green colloid color: transparent, colored, foggy.

Straw ha light emitting diode, also called straw hat light emitting diode, were a star in the early lighting field.

Of course, it can still be seen everywhere in traffic lights and outdoor advertising lights. But do you know how many watts a straw hat lamp bead has?

In fact, there is no unified answer to this question?

how to say?

Because a watt is a unit of power. Power = product of current and voltage.

Generally, the voltage of straw hat LED light emitting diode is between 2.0 volts and 3.4 volts, and the current is between 20 mA and 60 mA. Therefore, the power of an LED lamp bead is approximately between 0.04 watts and 0.20 watts.

Of course, due to some material, technology, and process reasons, some brand lamp bead manufacturers, such as Taihong Optoelectronics, will use high thermal conductivity large brackets and packaging materials for headlight cups. Straw hat lamp beads can be packaged to a single 0.5 watt or more. Infrared lamp with power above 0.75 watts.

High power means high brightness, and high brightness is also accompanied by high heat. Therefore, how to better solve the heat dissipation problem is an important condition to ensure the life of the lamp beads. Therefore, when choosing straw hat LED lamp beads, we must comprehensively consider factors such as its power, brightness, and usage environment.

Are there any special applications for straw hat LED light emitting diode in urban lighting?

Answer: No.

Straw hat LED lamp bead is a common plug-in packaged in-line lamp bead, which is commonly used in various lighting and display backlight products.

It is precisely because of the unique appearance of straw hat lamps that lamp bead manufacturers produce various colors and shapes according to market demand. Therefore, in some occasions, straw hat LED light emitting diodecan play a better beautification and decoration role.

For example, in some city night scene lighting applications, straw hat LED lamp beads are widely used in landscape lighting and billboards, etc. Their color and shape can be coordinated with buildings, roads and other elements, such as traffic lights, buildings Lighting, decorative lighting in parks and squares, etc. Create a unique visual effect. Because its light is soft and does not produce dazzling light spots and glare, it can blend well into the surrounding environment and create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

In addition, straw hat LED lamp beads are often used in various holiday decorations, such as Christmas, New Year, etc., adding a strong festive atmosphere to the city. Even at the Festival of Lights, you can make a splash by dressing up.

In general, straw hat LED lamp beads have no special significance in the city, but they can be used as a beautiful and practical lighting and decorative tool lamp to add color and vitality to the city.

Straw hat led


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