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Analysis of 5mm LED DIODE pecifications and parameters:



Analysis of 5mm light emitting diode pecifications and parameters:
We can look at the specifications and parameters of 5mm in terms of voltage, current power, color temperature, wavelength, shape, etc.
5mm LED DIODE  can be divided into: flat head, round head, straw hat, concave and convex, large bracket, large straw hat, long legs, short legs, colored, carded, transparent, edged, edgeless, etc. Selection,
A high-quality lamp bead, in addition to the appearance we often talk about, must also start from aspects such as performance, service life, low power consumption, and high light efficiency. This is also high-quality packaging. The industry is now heavily involved in the industry, and all companies are developing in the process of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. However, cost control and efficiency improvement do not mean lowering quality to achieve cost reduction.
In fact, in addition to knowing the specifications, voltage and brightness of the 5mm lamp beads, what is the purpose of choosing this lamp bead?
The table above shows the specifications, model, brightness, wavelength, luminous angle, etc. of 5mm round-head lamp beads.
In addition to these, we also need to understand the packaging process and lamp bead quality, lifespan, light color and stability. These are the basic skills for choosing an LED lamp bead supplier.

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