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5mm straw hat lamp beads parameters and applications



It uses gold wire conductive material and EMC bracket to ensure product quality. It is supported by big-name phosphor manufacturers. The patch design ensures product quality, luminous color and easy installation.
Is it enough to make your products more colorful and widely used in lighting decorations?

We are a manufacturer that processes customized LEDs
Provide LED lamp bead selection. Since I am in this field, why don’t I share more about the lamp bead products, parameters, models and quality?
I shared indicator lamp beads, industrial lamp beads, and general lighting every day. I used to share indicator lamp beads, industrial lamp beads, general lighting, outdoor lighting, and special lighting lamp bead products every day. Now, the homogeneity of household lighting and general lighting products is too obvious. , so I want to transform into industrial lamp bead products
What are the main lamp bead products used in industry now?

Many, 5mm round head, 3mm straw hat, 3mm round head, 5mm straw hat, square lamp, 2835 professor beads all have customer application cases.
What are the main lamp bead specifications for industrial lamp bead applications?

1. 2835 lamp bead patch white light;

2. 3mm plug-in lamp beads white light.
3. 5mm straw hat plug-in lamp beads white light

The application of industrial lamp beads is mainly visual light source and fill light.

In 2023, we will continue to explore the applications of industrial lamp beads. younger sister

What models are the main application cases of these lamp beads?

It is a 5mm straw hat lamp bead, a single 0.06W white light lamp.

Today, we mainly share what kind of 5mm straw hat parameters are needed for industrial vision lamp beads.

What are the main parameters of industrial vision LED lamp bead 5mm straw hat?

These are the parameters of 5mm high-definition straw hat lamp beads that we often pay attention to.
5mm high display straw hat lamp bead size: Φ5*H4.8MM2835 lamp bead white light voltage 1.8-2.4 volts, CRI: RA>97, luminous angle: 120 degrees. Of course there are power, brightness, color temperature, etc.
Why does my industrial vision lamp bead solution always emphasize color temperature?

It’s not that I offer too many solutions, it’s that I’m used to choosing based on customer needs.

There are many parameters that need to be paid attention to when personalizing and customizing lamp beads.

Among these lamp bead parameters, the light color consistency of visual industrial light sources is required to be high. It is important for us to control the spectroscopic BIN of the lamp bead color temperature.

Why do we need to split the BIN?

To put it bluntly, the white light lamp beads that are produced and packaged are screened according to the voltage or the lamp beads whose voltage is within a very small range.

Those used with constant voltage split light according to voltage, while those used with constant current split light according to current.

Industrial vision lamp beads solve the problem of light color consistency, and 2835 lamp beads solve the problem of industrial light source brightness and light color consistency.

What models are the main application cases of these lamp beads?
We produce 5mm straw hat round head lamp beads. Our daily production capacity of this product is around 2000k. The main raw materials of the product include chips, brackets, glue, gold wire, etc. We can recommend matching solutions based on customer requirements. The most cost-effective product. Products are mainly used in industrial control, home appliance indicator beads, and traffic lights.

5mm straw hat lamp beads


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