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LED patch lamp beads, is there a complete list of LED lamp bead parameters?



LED chip lamp bead is a small, surface-mounted light-emitting diode.

LED chip beads have a wide range of applications and are widely used in display and lighting systems of various electronic devices.

SMD lamp beads are small and lightweight, easy to install, have low energy consumption, long life, and more importantly, have excellent heat dissipation performance, so they are widely used in various products.

A complete list of LED lamp bead parameters. To put it bluntly, I just know a few parameters that determine the performance of LED lamp beads. We don't know every parameter.

I think analyzing the LED lamp bead parameter table is a waste of time.

90% of lamp bead parameters can be found in the lamp bead specifications of the lamp bead manufacturer.

Now, my focus is to help you with the selection of replacement lamp beads and iteration lamp beads, lamp bead products, and supply chain. I always find a few reliable people to serve.

The main parameter of LED lamp beads is the brightness, which is what we often call brightness.

The purpose of indicator lamp beads may not be very bright for the lamp beads.

But general lighting, household lighting, industrial lighting, commercial lighting, and even special lighting have very high requirements for the brightness of lamp beads, very high.

For many people, the first condition to be met when choosing lamp beads is that the brightness of the lamp beads must meet the requirements.

Secondly, many people are concerned about the parameters of LED lamp beads: the luminous angle, that is, how is the light concentration?

Everyone is interested in the different lighting angles of LED lamp beads.

For this lamp bead, should I choose plug-in lamp beads with good light concentration or SMD LED lamp beads with a large light-emitting angle? How can I help you choose?

1. The light-emitting angle of the direct-plug LED lamp beads can be made relatively small, such as 10-20 degrees, 30-45 degrees, 60 degrees, 90-120 degrees.

2. The luminous angle of SMD LED lamp beads is generally relatively large. The luminous angle of conventional SMD lamps is 120 degrees. Some can be made to 60 degrees or even 30 degrees with lenses.

Another important parameter of LED lamp beads is the voltage of the lamp beads. Generally, LED lamp beads are low-current and low-voltage electronic components. Among them, the working voltage of red light, yellow light, yellow-green light, and orange light is low, only 1.8-2.4 volts. The voltage of blue light, emerald green light, purple light and white light is relatively high, generally 2.8-3.4 volts.

After reading these important LED lamp bead parameters, let’s take a look at other parameters.

For example, materials, chip brands, and plates are parameters that affect the life of lamp beads.

Of course, another important factor in longevity is heat dissipation and packaging technology.

Different heat-resistant materials and different packaging processes produce lamp beads with different effects.

Brothers and sisters who have special requirements for lamp bead materials, lamp bead brightness, and functions can talk to Hailongxing.

Now I am not in a hurry to provide you with a complete list of LED lamp bead parameters. I want to further analyze your lamp bead needs.

For example, the first one, do you want SMD lamp beads or plug-in lamp beads which are more suitable for you?

Everyone needs to communicate well.

You will know what information to provide if you have the parameters of LED patch lamp beads and LED lamp beads.

We do not recommend conventional lamp beads here, we mainly provide customized lamp beads.

We provide mid- to high-end lamp bead products and services here.

To put it bluntly, I still don’t want to focus on regular products. I still want to focus on personalization, customization, and service.

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