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What is the difference between LED round head and straw hat?



1. Appearance difference
The difference in appearance between straw hat diodes and round head diodes is obvious. The end face of the straw hat diode is flat, and the entire diode looks like a straw hat, hence the name. The end face of the round-head diode is round, and the shape of the entire diode does not change much, similar to ordinary diodes.

2. Structural differences
Straw hat diodes and round head diodes also differ in their construction. Straw hat diodes are improved on the basis of ordinary diodes, adding a larger size so that they can withstand greater power. The structure of the round head diode is basically the same as that of the ordinary diode. It is also composed of two semiconductor materials, but it uses a smaller size than the straw hat diode.
3. Differences in uses

Straw hat diodes and round head diodes also have different uses. Straw hat diodes are suitable for high power circuits, such as motor control, power supply and other fields. Round-head diodes are suitable for low-voltage, low-current, high-frequency circuits, such as regulating power supplies and amplifiers.
4. Performance differences
There are also certain differences in performance between straw hat diodes and round head diodes. Straw hat diodes have a higher reverse voltage and can withstand higher reverse voltages, while round head diodes have a lower reverse voltage and are mainly used in low-power, high-speed applications. In addition, straw hat diodes generate more heat and require a radiator for heat dissipation, while round head diodes generate less heat and do not require an external radiator.
In short, there are certain differences between straw hat diodes and round head diodes in terms of appearance, structure, use and performance. Understanding the difference between the two can help people choose the appropriate diode for different applications.                  

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