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SMD lamp bead selection



Due to their small size, environmental protection, energy saving, intelligence and other advantages, SMD lamp beads have gradually replaced the status of direct-plug LED lamp beads and are widely used in life.

SMD LEDs also have many specifications, complete models, and rich and colorful products. Each color has its own unique application scenario.

Low-power SMD LEDs are used for indicator lights, while medium and large SMD LEDs are commonly used in various lighting equipment. Compared with imitation lumens and integrated Cob, SMD LEDs are known for their small size and high brightness;

Side-emitting SMD LED provides soft and comfortable backlight for our display devices;

Top-emitting SMD LEDs provide more application possibilities for decorative lighting with their uniform light.

SMDs can replace many in-line LEDs, but in-line LED lights are far less efficient than SMD LEDs due to their own heat dissipation and batch operations.
SMD LED selection,

Selection guide for how to choose SMD LED lamp beads: Electrical parameters such as brightness, color, lighting angle, operating voltage, and current are important parameters for SMD LED selection.

1. Brightness (luminous flux)

Brightness and luminous flux For the lamp bead selection of currently widely used general lighting and household lighting products, SMD LEDs are widely used in various lighting equipment because of their high brightness, low power consumption, small size, long life and other advantages. LED screens, automotive lighting, handheld devices and other fields.

2. Color (wavelength)

SMD LED lamp beads come in a wide variety of colors, including red, orange, green, blue, yellow, purple, white and other colors. When choosing a color, you need to choose the right color based on the needs of the specific application. For example, for applications such as digital display, you need to choose high-brightness, solid-color LED lamp beads, while for lighting equipment, you need to choose different colors according to needs.

3. Lighting angle

The luminous angle is the viewing angle from which the SMD LED lamp beads emit light, and is an important indicator to measure the range of LED light dispersion. When selecting SMD LEDs, you need to choose an appropriate viewing angle based on the needs of the specific application. For example, for applications such as digital displays, a smaller viewing angle needs to be selected to ensure that the LED light can accurately illuminate where it is needed, while for lighting equipment, a larger viewing angle needs to be selected to allow the LED light to spread out to a larger area. Area.

4. Working voltage

The working voltage of SMD LED lamp beads refers to the voltage value required under normal working conditions. When selecting SMD LEDs, you need to choose the appropriate operating voltage according to the needs of the specific application. For example, for low-voltage applications such as handheld devices, you need to choose LED lamp beads with lower operating voltage to reduce power consumption, while for high-voltage applications such as automotive lighting, you need to choose LED lamp beads with higher operating voltage.
Of course, the operating current, pad size, power level, and packaging light emitting method may all be conditions that affect the selection of SMD LED lamp beads.

Therefore, when actually selecting SMD LEDs, it is necessary to select appropriate brightness (luminous flux), color (wavelength light color), lighting angle, operating voltage, operating current and other indicators according to the needs of specific applications, in order to ensure the performance and performance of SMD LEDs. life. Therefore, reasonable and accurate selection is a necessary condition to achieve better cost performance.



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